Today, over a hundred staff and lecturers across the globe contribute their time and expertise to this effort. Everyone works for free, at nights, and on weekends, because we love what we do.

No, really. Why are you doing this?

We're secretly plotting total world domination. Not.

Some students want to learn, but lack the resources to do so. Sometimes we're unlucky, sometimes it's a financial problem, and sometimes we're shy and afraid to ask simple questions. That shouldn't stop anyone.

Everyone in openlectures does what they do best, for no remuneration other than the joy of creating something you can use when you need help. It's our way of giving back to the community.

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The Monkeys


We're normal people. We're writers, cosplayers, singers and photographers. Some of us have less hair than others because we're enlistees. We've also all had a quarter-life crisis of some sort just making it through school.

We waste the day on Facebook (check us out!), Twitter and Tumblr. We watch anime and read manga (READ: Pikachus). Along the way we manage to take suggestive and compromising pictures of our founder. We're kids at heart, and we believe in having fun.

Mission, Vision and Motto

Every organization's supposed to have one of these things. Apparently there's a habit of using big words to say simple things. We disagree. So when we're asked, we simply say:


One day, we'll deliver a lecture on the moon

NASA, you reading this?